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LA GUIRLANDE - Luis Martínez



Orpheus Classical is born to renew the field of music recording, which is currently undergoing profound changes. Orpheus’ headquarters and recording studios are in New York, Paris and Madrid, and our team is engaged to generate a remarkable international impact of Orpheus’ CD releases.


The new Orpheus Classical Music Award will be awarded to the artists of the best recording projects in legendary music venues like Carnegie Hall in New York, Berlin Philharmonie and Musikverein in Vienna. Through this award, Orpheus will provide substantial funds to sponsor the most innovate recording projects.


Orpheus Classical’ artists are at the core of our goals: musicians possessing a demonstrated artistic excellence, whose proposals are highly innovative and original. According to our philosophy, the musicians must be the owners of 100% of their work’s rights. Orpheus’ albums are present in all the online platforms of digital distribution (Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Rhapsody, eMusic, Apple Music, etc), as well as the traditional physical distribution worldwide.


We firmly believe that only this synergy of multiple services (recording, sound editing, equalization, mastering, graphic design, fabrication, international distribution, marketing, promotion in across musical media, solution to legal affaires), makes sense in the current musical industry.


It is this desire to rebuild the music field in its totality, and particularly the sector of classical music, which encourage us to support the artists who expect to find the best materialization of their intense creative search as an integral part of the services that Orpheus provide.


Orpheus Classical International Award: awarded to the best recording projects in legendary venues (Carnegie Hall, Berlin Philharmonie and Musikverein in Vienna). 150.000€ per year in funds to sponsor Orpheus' albums.



Integral services reinventing the audio experience


Starting at an initial quantity of 500 or 1.000 CDs, we elaborate all the graphic materials in a big variety of formats (Jewell Box, Digipack diptych and triptych)

Studios in Paris,

New York and Spain




Orpheus' CDs are distributed worldwide.

Our artists retain 100% of the rights and will benefit from the sales





Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon, Shazam, 8tracks, Tidal, Youtube Music, Groove Music, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, eMusic, Yandex, Slacker, 7 digital, etc.)



Over 150.000€ per year in funds per year  to sponsor Orpheus' albums



Orpheus' albums are reviewed in all the relevant music publications





Orpheus' CDs are distributed worldwide through our associated distribution companies

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