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Send your project

Orpheus Classical’s Team assiduously receives many recording proposals and studies each one in great detail.


If you have a defined project that you wish to record and you are interested in sending us your proposal, we invite you to submit the following documentation to us via e.mail at: and


1. A complete biography (indicating musical formation, professors, awards, previous recordings and professional activity).

2.  An illustrative title for your project and a brief synopsis of it: please do not exceed a Din A4 sheet.

3. Links to high quality video or/and audio recordings, including works in at least two different musical styles.

4.  A list of our services that you are interested in:

-Professional recording of the album

-Editing, equalization and mastering

-Discs’ fabrication (starting at 500 units)

-Physical distribution

-Online electronic distribution (Spotify, Itunes, etc.)

-Press and promotional services



Once we receive your completed submission, all of these proposals will be studied carefully by our musical commission.

When creating your submission, please bear in mind that the following are the most appropriate subjects for us at the time you define your project:


- Monographic projects around one or two composers

- Albums particularly innovative and creative (contemporary music, new creation, etc.) 

- Projects that comprise works of different composers belonging to the same style of geographical context

- Albums that group pieces of different styles and composers, but suggest a specific conceptual idea (for example, descriptive music, light, darkness, nationalism, etc. ).


If you prefer that we orient your choice when you define your album’s theme, please fill out the following form:

Explain your project                                                                  

Your message was sent succesfully, thank you very much!

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