Iñar Sastre


We tend to interpret the world through a personal perspective that we acquire with our life experiences and knowledge. Therefore, our vision of the external stimulus is the appreciation of each one of us. The music inspiring this release is born from this idea.


In my case, I narrate my own impressions from the outside world, by suggesting experiences that remain close to my personal illusory universe, more than to any other kind of reality. Starting from these personal experiences, from diverse emotions and sometimes-new discovered feelings, I narrate through these works my most personal fantasies.


These music excerpts, which don’t embrace any particular style, present very varied stories, with sonorities that usually don’t have any relationship between them, and sometimes using uncommon techniques of the piano playing practice.

                                                                                              Iñar Sastre


Category: Piano Improvisations, XXIth century - CD


Iñar Sastre

Illusions - Piano Improvisations - Iñar Sastre   (OR 5008 - 1084)    

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Category: Piano Improvisations, XXIth century - CD


Iñar Sastre



                                             CD Tracks

                                     1.   All the things you are

                                     2.   Routine

                                     3.   Movement 1

                                     4.   Illusionist

                                     5.   Munduan

                                     6.   Impulse

                                     7.   Movement 2

                                     8.   Paris-Donostia

                                     9.   Hizkuntzaz

                                     10. Rotation

                                     11. Movement 3

                                     12. My favourite things

Tendemos a interpretar el mundo a través de la visión que adquirimos a partir de nuestras experiencias y conocimientos. Por ello, nuestra percepción hacia los estímulos externos responde a las apreciaciones de cada uno de nosotros. De esa idea nacen estas músicas.

En este caso, narro mis propias impresiones del mundo exterior, interpretando vivencias más cercanas a mi universo personal ilusorio que a ninguna otra realidad. Partiendo de experiencias personales, de diversas emociones y de a veces sentimientos encontrados, a través de estas piezas relato mis fantasías más propias.


Estas músicas, que no se enmarcan en ninguna estética concreta, exponen historias muy variadas, con sonoridades que a veces nada tienen que ver entre ellas. En ocasiones, incluso utilizan recursos poco convencionales del piano.

                                                                                              Iñar Sastre


Passionate for music from a broad-minded perspective, Iñar Sastre studied piano and improvisation in Musikene (Conservatory of the Basque Country), and Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse (CNSMDP) in Paris.


He completed his classical music studies with a formation in jazz piano, at Conservatoire Ravel. His work tends to focus on the relationship between music and other artistic disciplines. He has conceived of and performed live music in various performances (“Sin título en colores”, “N.A.N”, “Oinazez”, “El show del espectador” or “Esku Harriak”) and has composed music for films and documentaries (“Euskera Munduan”, “Richard Oribe, al otro lado de las medallas”, “Bat to Rio” or “Bat to Pyeongchang”).


His passion for musical improvisation led him to participate in the broadcast “Jusqu’au bout de l’impro” (France Musique), in the International Conference about Poulenc and in the film festival “Punto de Vista”. In Paris, he often worked as an improvisational pianist for silent films in venues such as Cinémathèque Française, Foundation Pathé or Cinéma le Balzac. Iñar Sastre keeps a close relationship with the genre of song composition, for which he has been awarded several prizes.