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Quintet Verger
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Grattage - Quintet Verger   (OR 2186 - 6986)    




Category: Contemporary music, XXth century - CD


Quintet Verger


                                             CD Tracks


                                          1.   Divertimento                                    

                            Scherzo humorístico para piano,

                             flauta, clarinete, trompa y fagot 

                              de Evaristo Fernández Blanco                          



                 para quinteto de viento de J. Vicent Egea Insa

                                          2.   I Allegro                                    

                                          3.   II Andantino                                

                                          4.   III Allegretto                                



Dos miniaturas para Quinteto de Viento de José R. Pascual Vilaplana

                                           5.   I Prec                                    

                                           6.   II Dansa                                

                                           7.   Construction IId* 

                    para fagot y electrónica de Víctor Vallés Fornet            


                                           8.   Grattage

                                - d´après Antoni Tàpies - *                 

               para quinteto de madera de José M. Fayos Jordán


                                           9.   ReSonancias Cervantinas                                        para quinteto de viento de José M. García Laborda


                                           10.  Quintet nº4*                                    

                  para quinteto de viento de Víctor Vallés Fornet


                      *Grabado con la presencia del compositor   



The piece of José Miguel Fayos Jordán develops a composition procedure from the painting technique Grattage and at the same time gives the title to the second album of the Quintet Verger. These compositions are a series of original compositions in chronological order according to the composition date, in which an ongoing contrast in language and style is shown throughout. Unlike the first album in which the repertoire was exclusively for wind quintet, in the second recording the piano Pablo Lleida and the electronic accompanying our bassoonist Tolo Mayor take part in this project.


We have enjoyed the collaboration of the composers, not only during the recording the album but also during the rehearsals of the repertoire. Therefore, we are truly grateful to José M. García Labored, José M. Fayos and Victor Vallés for the pieces dedicated to the ensemble, that together with Renills by José R. Pascual Vilaplana, have been recorder to the first time in this album.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Andrew Glynn


M. Teresa Carrió Estruch (flute)

Juan A. Moreno López (oboe)

Pere Carpi Forqués (clarinet)

Adrián Tomás Peñalver (French horn)

Bartolomé Mayor Catalá (basan)

Founded in 2000, the Quintet acquires its current name in 2007 through an agreement with the Concillor of Culture of the City Council of El Verger (Alicante), where the central office is located and the majority of the quintet members are from.

A number of released pieces have been dedicated to the group by the following composers: Ferran Sanchis Gandia, Toni Cuenca Castelló, Victor Vallés Fornet, José Ignacio Blesa Llul. José Miguel Fayos Jordán, Mateo Soto and José María García Laborda. Besides having worked with the previously mentioned musicians, the Quintet count on the assistance of Ándres Valero Castells, Bernardo Adam Ferrero, José R. Pascual Vilaplana and J. Vicent Egea Insa.


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