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Piano Tribute
to Rosa García Ascot
Ignacio Clemente​

Piano Tribute to Rosa García Ascot - Ignacio Clemente  (OR 2270 - 3352)    

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Category: Contemporary music, XXth century - CD

Piano Tribute 

to Rosa García Ascot

Domenico Scarlatti - Manuel de Falla - Rosa García Ascot


  Ignacio Clemente


                                        ROSA GARCÍA ASCOT    

                                        1.  La de guitarra

                                        2.  Alemana 

                                        3.  Canción de Cuna

                                        4.  Pieza de infancia I

                                        5.  Pieza de infancia II

                                        6.  Preludio "El de los muñecos"

                                        7.  Allegretto de una Sonatina*

                                        8.  Escena- La Novia y la Mendiga*

                                        Petit Suite:

                                        9.  I Allegro

                                       10. II Poco Adagio 

                                       11. III Allegretto

                                       12. IV Allegro


                                       MANUEL DE FALLA    

                                       13. Homenaje a Debussy


                                       DOMENICO SCARLATTI            

                                       14. Sonata K 213


                                       ROSA GARCÍA ASCOT

                                       15. Marcha*

                                       16. Allegretto II*

                                       17. Allegretto III*

                                       18. Tempo di marcia     

                                       19. Cancioncilla*

                                       20. Tempo di mazurca

                                       21. Pieza para piano II*


                                       22. No. 1 * 

                                       23. No. 2 *

                                       24. No. 3 a Jesús Bal*

                                       25. No. 4 *            


                                       MANUEL DE FALLA        

                                       26. Danza ritual del fuego


                                       *World Premiere Recording



"As an inspired pianist and meticulous doctoral researcher, he paints an admirable portrait of the complete personality of a great artist who the twists and turns of Spain and the twentieth-century world had penned in biased and inadequate terms and, worse still, consigned to oblivion."


                                                                                                         Guillermo García-Alcalde


A serendipitous combination of cultural and personal circumstances came together so that the pianist Ignacio Clemente Estupiñán, who obtained his PhD in Music History and Science from the University of Granada, became interested in Rosa García Ascot (1902 - 2002). García Scot was the only woman composer of the "Grupo de los Ocho" and the least represented member of the Group in concert halls. In completing his doctoral thesis, Clemente Estupiñán carefully traced the life and work of the composer in Spain during her childhood and youth, the cities in which she sought exile after the 1936 coup and her return to her native country until her death at age 100. 

This recording reflects the manner in which she stayed true to herself, something that undoubtedly came from the principles and teachings of Falla, who always referred to Rosita as his only direct pupil. In essence, hers is academicist music, articulated in a natural manner avoiding unwarranted shows of virtuosity, with transparent harmonies and always full of charm in its apparent spontaneity. She etched a place for herself between Scarlatti and Falla in one of the trends of last century cut short by World War II.


Ignacio Clemente Estupiñán performs this optimistic and delightful universe with talent and loyalty. His precise fingering, mastery of the different forms of keyboard music and very inspired articulation of the discourse, at times weightless, others committed to the intensity of a more ambitious expression, render outstanding service to the spirit of the composer and her very admirable klangideal. The scores he discovered add important nuances to those already known and considerably broaden the intentional ambit of a refined art form with endless charm, a fluency of melody and a willingness to assimilate tonal advances.


Photographs: Rosa García Ascot with Manuel de Falla

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